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Transforming the Coal Industry with Hyperspectral Imagery

Friday, 28 Jun '24
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Esper Bounces Back with OTR-X Mission

Monday, 03 Jun '24
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Esper Reaffirms Commitment to Earth Observation Despite Initial Setback with OTR-1

Thursday, 30 May '24
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Earth's Big Data: Transforming Industries with Satellite Insights

Monday, 13 May '24
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The Case of Short-wave Infrared Imagery

Monday, 22 Apr '24
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Redefining Climate Modeling and Solar Energy through Hyperspectral Intelligence

Friday, 26 Jan '24
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See Beyond the Dirt: Unleashing the Hidden Potential of Your Soil

Thursday, 11 Jan '24

The Green Rush for Lithium

Friday, 15 Dec '23
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Unlocking Climate Solutions: Deforestation, Hyperspectral Monitoring, and EarthTones

Wednesday, 11 Oct '23
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Responsible Extraction of Critical Minerals with Hyperspectral Imagery

Thursday, 01 Jun '23
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Addressing Mining Industry Impacts with Hyperspectral Imagery

Monday, 29 May '23
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Revolutionizing Food Security: Harnessing Hyperspectral Imagery for Precision Agriculture

Wednesday, 24 May '23
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Esper Satellite Imagery pens deal with Aussie-Indo Satellite Company to launch a hyperspectral satellite in October 2023

Monday, 08 May '23
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The Hidden Threat of Methane

Thursday, 06 Apr '23
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El Niño Watch: Why Bushfire Monitoring Is Crucial

Wednesday, 22 Mar '23
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Closing Data Gaps with Hyperspectral Imagery

Thursday, 16 Mar '23
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Hyperspectral Imagery Minus the Hype

Thursday, 09 Mar '23
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Esper Satellite Imagery and Spiral Blue space qualify the first hyperspectral smart sensor with integrated onboard computer

Tuesday, 13 Dec '22

Esper Satellite Imagery Announces Rebrand

Tuesday, 06 Dec '22
KorrAI Mining

Esper Satellite Imagery and KorrAI announce strategic partnership for commercialising hyperspectral imagery for the mining sector

Thursday, 10 Nov '22
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Esper Satellite Imagery and Agralogics partner to deliver an earth-scale hyperspectral data pipeline for the global food & agriculture industry

Wednesday, 02 Nov '22
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Blue Sky Analytics Kicks off Data Partnership with Esper Satellite Imagery to Develop Monitoring Infrastructure for the Carbon Markets.

Sunday, 16 Oct '22
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Esper Satellite Imagery partners with SkyWatch to deliver next-gen climate data

Wednesday, 21 Sep '22
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Announcing ‘Over The Rainbow’: The First Australian Earth Observation Mission

Tuesday, 20 Sep '22