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Esper Reaffirms Commitment to Earth Observation Despite Initial Setback with OTR-1

Thursday, 30 May '24

Melbourne, Australia - May 31, 2024: Esper today addresses the unfortunate circumstances surrounding its first hyperspectral payload, Over the Rainbow-1 (OTR-1). Launched last March aboard Space Machine’s Optimus satellite, OTR-1 marked a significant milestone as Australia's first commercial earth observation mission in orbit. However, in the weeks following the launch, Esper received disheartening news that the satellite was lost due to unforeseen technical difficulties. Space Machines, despite their best efforts, failed to establish communication with the satellite.

Despite this setback, Esper remains steadfast in its mission to provide affordable cutting-edge earth observation data. "While the loss of OTR-1 is undoubtedly a mishap, it has also been a valuable learning experience," said Shoaib Iqbal, CEO of Esper. "We have identified key areas for improvement and are already implementing changes to ensure greater success in future missions."

Key Learnings and Future Plans

Esper's experience with OTR-1 has underscored the importance of robust satellite tracking and communication systems. Moving forward, Esper is taking proactive measures to mitigate similar risks. These include stringent vetting processes for satellite providers and enhanced pre-launch testing protocols.

Esper is now focused on the upcoming launch of its second satellite, OTR-2, scheduled for late 2024. This mission will be carried out in collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), leveraging their experience and proven track record in satellite deployment and management. "Our partnership with ISRO represents a significant step forward," Iqbal added. "We are confident that OTR-2 will successfully build on the groundwork laid by OTR-1."

Continuing to Deliver Value with OTR-Nexus

In the interim, Esper has started to serve its clients using data with its new initiative, OTR-Nexus (OTR-X). OTR-X is currently leveraging industry partners to provide valuable earth observation data to clients. This collaborative approach ensures a steady stream of valuable earth observation data, even as the company prepares for its next major launch. The OTR-X mission project plays a strategic role within the broader Over the Rainbow campaign, bridging the gap between the initial setback with OTR-1 and the anticipated success of OTR-2.

Esper's commitment to advancing earth observation technology remains unwavering. "Setbacks are an inevitable part of pioneering new frontiers," concluded Iqbal. "What matters is how we respond and learn from them. With the development of OTR-X and the upcoming launch of OTR-2, we are more determined than ever to deliver on our promises and contribute to a better understanding of our planet."

Development of EarthTones Platform

Additionally, Esper is continuously developing its data and analytics platform, EarthTones. This innovative platform aims to provide clients with unparalleled access to earth observation data, enabling them to make informed decisions based on real-time insights. It offers a highly customizable data acquisition experience, allowing users to choose their desired area and output based on their specific requirements.

Esper views this drawback as a springboard for continuous improvement. This growth mindset positions the company for a trajectory of continued success. With the upcoming launch of OTR-2, the strategic OTR-X initiative providing a data bridge, and the development of the EarthTones platform empowering informed decision-making, Esper remains firmly on track to deliver on its promises and make significant contributions to saving the planet through data.