Australia’s first commercial
earth observation mission

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Unlocking the Earth’s Secrets

With Esper, seamlessly bridge data gaps with cutting-edge technology.

Esper is building a global constellation for unparalleled Earth insights.

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A smarter perspective

Hyperspectral Imaging looks at the Earth's colours in detail, showing revealing hidden information. It captures detailed spectral signatures, giving a better understanding of what's on the surface.

More information from a single pixel

Traditional methods such as Multispectral Imaging gives us useful information, but Hyperspectral Imaging goes further by capturing data in a much broader range. It gives far more information, increasing accuracy and precision for detection and analysis.

Sustainability shouldn’t come at a cost.

Esper is creating a better future for the earth, by capturing
data from space.

We deliver detailed information about our planet daily to increase efficiency, cut down costs, and
minimise environmental impacts. With Esper's data, you can track and identify a wide range of
materials around the Earth.

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Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, warming the planet more than carbon dioxide in the short term. Finding and stopping major methane leaks is critical.

Our technology helps identify facilities with the worst methane emissions, allowing for quicker action to address the problem. This means faster progress in the fight against climate change.


Global data, universal applications.

Esper’s satellite imagers can measure the most minute parts of our planet – from testing water quality and plant health for fruitful farming, to locating ore deposits for more mindful mining, to tracking the effects of climate change for future generations.

The flexibility of our data allows you to acquire information to suit your specific needs.

Methane Leakages

Methane Leakages

With 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide, invisible methane leakages from oil and gas fields drive unnecessary climate change.

Mining Exploration

Mining Exploration

Exploratory activities for green minerals behind climate-friendly technologies, such as copper, lithium, and gold, often require large-scale excavations.

Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture

Carbon capture in forests and farms is difficult to monitor, as current data collection methods rely on manual observations. With a global appetite to shift economies into carbon markets, accurate and large-scale emissions data is a key requirement.