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Spectral Range

400nm to 2000nm

Spectral Resolution


Spatial Resolution


Understanding our planet has never been more crucial than it is today - and current available information is not enough. Richer data sets are needed to support industry leaders to improve decision making to assure efficiency and sustainability.

Traditional methods capture data limited by the bandwidths accessible by the technology employed, namely Multispectral Imagery. This generally consists of 5-10 bands or relatively large bandwidths (70-400 nm) in the electromagnetic spectrum, including infrared and visible light. On the other hand, Hyperspectral Imagery consists of hundreds of bands and in much narrower bandwidths (5-10 nm).

Data captured can be used to identify materials and their composition. Identification is possible as each reacts differently at different wavelengths, giving a unique spectral signature. Hyperspectral Imagery advances the accuracy of identification and range of materials detected as data encompasses a wider range of bands.

At Esper, we believe in saving the planet with the power of data. We are developing industry-leading hyperspectral-capable payloads to capture the most minute part of the earth. Our hyperspectral imagers, with a proprietary sensor, can capture light across a much wider spectral range and at a higher spatial resolution than its outdated predecessors.

Capturing hundreds of wavelengths of light for any given area, these extensive data points provide high-quality data on material signatures of the objects we image. This creates an information rich data set which can reveal what is invisible to the naked eye - from chemical compositions of materials, to plant health, to the subterranean location of ores and minerals.

Esper is making hyperspectral imagery data available in real-time. A total of 18 satellites in Esper’s constellation will capture and deliver earth’s observation daily. Our industry partners can gather data for any specific area of interest around the world, no matter the size.