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Esper Satellite Imagery and Agralogics partner to deliver an earth-scale hyperspectral data pipeline for the global food & agriculture industry

Wednesday, 02 Nov '22

Esper Satellite Imagery, a pioneer hyperspectral imagery data provider, announced a partnership with Agralogics, the creator of Terrapipe(™), a data pipeline (technology product that increases the efficiency of the extract, transform and load process) to enable near real-time analytics for planet-scale data sets.  Agralogics currently uses public satellite imagery and other data sources to deliver insights that increase the efficiency of field-specific agricultural processes, such as irrigation, nutrient management and targeted productivity opportunities. The partnership will enable Agralogics to serve Esper’s data through their Terrapipe product, which will be pre-processed specifically for agricultural insights.

Agriculture is a critical activity for the human race. With the backdrop of volatile climate change, dwindling natural resources, and increasing international tensions, food security can only be achieved if the food and agriculture ecosystem increases its efficiency.  This partnership, which leverages open-source architecture from the AgStack Foundation, will enable a scalable and economical global solution that should drive better decision-making for stakeholders of all sizes across the different facets of the agriculture workflow.

“To drive sustainable changes into the entire food & agriculture ecosystem, field-specific and time-sensitive recommendations need to be made to stakeholders. To provide this at the Earth scale puts a massive strain on the data and computing infrastructure. Terrapipe, along with the AgStack Foundation, helps solve this challenge”, said Shishir Verma, COO of Agralogics. He continued, “Esper’s Satellite-based hyperspectral data sets provide the spectral, spatial and temporal resolution that can be a game-changer for stakeholders in the agriculture industry, especially when combined with other datasets to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning.”  

The Terrapipe service will leverage open-source technologies using the Linux Foundation’s AgStack’s asset-registry and weather server to provide the data pipeline for pre-registered “geo-ids,” i.e., any unique land “polygon” registered in AgStack’s user-registry. “Open-source is a phenomenally useful economic and technical tool in empowering applications like this to transform the global agriculture ecosystem. The Linux Foundation is catalytic in accelerating this virtuous cycle of innovation, and this partnership is a great example of this”, said Sumer Johal, Executive Director of AgStack, a digital agriculture infrastructure project of The Linux Foundation.

“Working with Agralogics helps ensure that the imagery captured from our satellite infrastructure will have an immediate impact on the sustainability of the agricultural industry, allowing for an increase in efficiency across everything from small-scale farms to large farming co-ops. This will further ensure food security while reducing the climate impact of Agriculture, helping us move towards a net-zero industry.”, said Shoaib Iqbal, CEO of Esper Satellite Imagery.

About Agralogics

Agralogics provides a data computation engine on public and private data as a backend service for field-specific analytics for the Agricultural Industry - at Earth scale. Founded in 2013 in California’s Silicon Valley, the company supports the computation of over 2 million acres of agricultural land in multiple countries across four continents and over thirty crops. Agralogics’ Terrapipe product is currently in beta and is being launched in 2023 to support commercial, research, and government applications across the agriculture and carbon markets globally. 

About Linux Foundation and AgStack

The Linux Foundation is the largest global non-profit organisation that is leading the transformation of industries by providing a neutral and trusted structure that connects a global community of technical experts with technical open-source projects. Founded in 2000, the LF has 540,000+ contributing developers from over 19,000 contributing companies across more than 40 countries. AgStack is a project within the LF that is focused on building an open, trusted and neutral/vendor-agnostic digital infrastructure for agriculture data and applications.

About Esper Satellite Imagery

Esper, founded in 2019, is a Melbourne-based startup building space-based hyperspectral sensors for earth observation to track climate metrics such as carbon emissions and carbon sinks for Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Mining and many other industries utilising their proprietary sensor technology. Esper, with a mission to track 5B tons of carbon emissions annually, will launch their first pair of sensors in May of 2023. Dubbed as 'Over The Rainbow' mission, it will be followed by a larger sensor network of 18 sensors in orbit. You can read more about Esper here.