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Esper Satellite Imagery partners with SkyWatch to deliver next-gen climate data

Wednesday, 21 Sep '22

Esper Satellite Imagery and SkyWatch have partnered to host Esper’s future hyperspectral imagery data coming from their ‘Over The Rainbow’ and future missions, which include two hyperspectral sensors launching in May of 2023, OTR-1 and OTR-2, onto SkyWatch’s TerraStream platform, which is a data hosting and delivery service for satellite imagery data.

Esper aims to deliver critical insights into the earth’s climate by tracking metrics around carbon emissions, carbon sequestration and industry efficiency in the mining and agricultural industries using hyperspectral imagery collected from space. This imagery data is used to decode chemical concentrations of the Earth’s mass and atmosphere, delivering important insights into the planet’s health and business metrics for key stakeholders.

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SkyWatch’s TerraStream platform will provide a vehicle of delivery for data collected from Esper’s sensors. TerraStream will allow Esper’s customers to order directly and subscribe to imagery data collected from Esper’s sensors in orbit with a frictionless user experience while providing a data management infrastructure for storing and archival imagery data.

This data will also be made available through EarthCache, SkyWatch’s imagery sale platform, which will give SkyWatch’s users access to Esper’s imagery data directly through their platform, which will also be made available through EarthCache’s API.